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Yiwu Information - About Yiwu
• Population of 2,200,000,but 65% from other city.
• With a daily passenger flow of 210,000 people.
• Railway, speedway, airlines, flight and ship is very convenient.
• Well known to the world for its large Commodity Markets
  and tremendous goods.
• The market with 1700,000 kinds of commodities in over 4202
  categories of 16 industries.
• Over 14,000 foreign businessmen live in Yiwu.
• Over 570,000 TEUs annually with more than 1500 containers on average daily.
• In 2010, the trade volume of China Commodity Market reached 72 billion US Dollar.
• More than 3008 business agencies established by the enterprise and businessmen
  from 89 odd countries and regions.

Yiwu is Located in center of Zhejiang Province of China.covering a total area of 1105 km2, city center area cover 90 km2.Yiwu has a local population of 740,000, and a non-native population of 1,430,000 and a daily customer flow volume of more than 210,000.Located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, this city has 4 distinct seasons, enjoying considerable amount of sunshine, plenty of rainfalls and humidity, with annual average temperature 17C, 29.3C in July, the highest, while 4.2C in January, the lowest, Annual average frost-free period amounts to 243 days and annual precipitation ranges from 1100mm to 1600mm.We are Known as "china's No.1 Market" and China Commodity City's trade volume ranks top for successive 20 years among national wholesale markets.

The multiple track Zhejiang-jiangxi railway, the No.03 Provincial Truck Line, Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou and Jinhua-Ningbo speedway, run across the Yiwu city, which is one hour's way by car away from Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province.and Ningbo, No.1. Port in the orient. About two hour's way by car away from Shanghai city. Now there are more than 20 airlines from Yiwu Airport to Hongkong,Beijing,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Shantou,Changsha, xiamen,Kunming,Chongqing,and other cities. In addition there are about 90 runs of train pass by Yiwu city everyday and directly reach Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou and other medium-size cities. There are more than 600 freight business units across the country with the non-stop freight line covering 250 large & medium-sized cities,17world well-known shipping service companieshave set agency or branch office in yiwu.

yiwu market 

foreign people in yiwu

Commerce is lifeline to a prosperous economy. Yiwu is well known to the world for its large small commodity markets and tremendous goods. China Commodity Market is made up of two market groups, namely Yiwu International Trade Market (Futian market) and Huangyuan Marke. Currently a total of 70,000 shops and booths covers a business area of 4,000,000 sqm with 1,700,000 kinds of commodities in over 4202 categories of 16 industries. In 2010, the trade volume of market reached 72 billion US Dollar.The foreign rate of the markets reached over 65%. And the market has become the largest circulation center, information center and export base of commodities in China. There are 200,000 business operators in the China Commodity Market. Every day the market visit reaches 210,000 person times. More than 3008 business agencies established by the enterprise and businessmen from 89 odd countries and regions, Over 14,000 foreign businessmen have been attracted to permanently live in Yiwu, purchasing commodities here and exporting to over 215 countries and regions. China Commodity City has a full service of storage, freight transport, customs, finance, inspection, insurance and information network, The trade volume ranks top for 20 successive years in the wholesale markets of industry products in the country.

With the great upgrade of exported-oriented economy, Yiwu is becoming the important base for the production, export and purchasing of China commodities. Foreign trade of commodities increased rapidly. In 2010,Yiwu factories export volume amounts to 2.86 billion US Dollar.over 100,000 famous enterprises and 6,000 famous brand at home and abroad set up agencies in our market . At present, our production export to more than 215 countries and regions and we have set up over 30 branches in Gansu, Shanxi, Xinjiang, South Africa, Russia,Ukraine as well.

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yiwu city

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